Āgamā Yoga Centre is closely monitoring pertinent Health Advice for COVID-19 virus.
The Australian Department of Health has
regular COVID-19 updates. As does the World Health Organisation

Āgamā Yoga Centre for Health and Healing is our full name, whilst we don’t use our full name often, this title describes our commitment, to health and healing for both students and teachers alike.

Yoga has an important role to play in keeping the immune system healthy, as well as maintaining the health and vitality of our bodies. Doing a regular yoga practice also benefits in more subtle ways, of reducing anxiety and stresses.

Like all of our communities, AYC are monitoring events and taking precautions where possible. Group classes will continue at this stage. If you’d prefer not to attend, please contact us to arrange a personal practice. AYC will also be producing leaflets and video of yoga practices soon, watch this space!

The following studio hygiene protocols are now in place.
Social distancing:
We suggest rather than sitting together outside, to make your way into the yoga room onto a mat.
To keep social distancing we are spreading the mats further apart. If the class is large, we will use both rooms.

If you’re not feeling well, as is the case at any other time, it would be best to stay at home until you feel better.

Cough / Sneeze / Hand cleaning etiquette:
Before class, please make sure to either wash your hands, or use the hand sanitiser provided upstairs.
After class, we recommend you also follow the same routine.
Make sure to cough, sneeze into your elbow, or use the tissues AYC provide.

Mats, Bolsters, Cushions:
Mats will be cleaned before each class and arranged in the room. We ask at the end of the class you clean the mat you used.
Or bring your own mat to class.
Blankets, pillows, bolsters will still be available and as always AYC will ask before we use them on a student. If you’d prefer please bring your own cushion, or blanket. Bring something warmer to put on at the end of the class for relaxation.
Water and Tea:
Please bring your own water bottle if needed.
Tea will be suspended at this stage.

Questions? Contact Barbara Brian
M: 0439 358 021 
E: Agama Yoga Centre
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