Global Harmonising of the Elements.

These past few months, Australia (& other parts of the world) has seen some very difficult, trying times.
Much of Australia’s landscape has been ravaged by drought and fires. The hardship on the many affected people and properties has been difficult, and of course the toll on our wildlife and livestock has been devastating to watch.
At times we can feel helpless in the face of these events, however, our Yoga tools are always at hand to support ourselves, each other, our communities and Mother Nature.
Āgamā Yoga Centre in collaboration with our International sangha established a chanting ritual at 6am and 6pm every day to invoke the blessing of rain. This chant was offered by Nrithya Jagannathan from KYM, a sloka that invokes the blessings of a great sage called Rishyashringa. History tells us that he was such a noble soul that wherever he went, it would rain without fail. His subtle benedictory presence is sought in this chant.
This is being chanted across the world at the same time with the help of colleagues in India, Sweden and Japan all visualising elemental harmony restoring water where needed.