Āgamā is grateful to the many different teachers who offered special programs during 2019. We’re also very grateful for AYC’s regular teachers who conducted group classes throughout the year.
As well as running 14 group classes per week, Āgamā conducted specialty programs for:
– Post Graduate classes
– Caring for your Back classes
– Beginner classes
– Vedic Chant classes

Āgamā’s Yoga Teacher training course for 2018-2019 is concluding soon, and we’re delighted with each teachers progress.

Āgamā’s 4 year Yoga Therapy training group are entering their final full training year in 2020, concluding their studies in early 2021 with internships at both AYC Melbourne and KYM Chennai.
During 2019, as part of the Yoga Therapy program Āgamā hosted 2 esteemed KYM teachers:
Sangeetha Kannan who presented “Introduction to Ratio and Bandha-s in prānāyāma” and Nrithya Jagannathan presented Antaranga Yoga.
Both Sangeetha and Nrithya also conducted a Post Graduate training day.