2019 Post Graduate Studies.

March: Saturday 30th 1.30pm – 5.00pm (3hrs): Introduction to the Elements
Sunday 31st [whole day] 9am – 5pm (6hrs): Asana and the Elements.
May: Sunday 5th 9am – 5pm: Pranayama and the Elements
August: Sunday 18th 9am – 5pm: Pratyahara and the Elements
October: Sunday 20th 9am – 5pm: Meditative Practice and the Elements
December: Dec 1st 9am – 5pm: Review – Using asana, pranayama, pratyahara, and meditative practices inspired by the elements. Yoga and the Elements.

Cost: 1⁄2 Day $65; 1 Day $100; 1 1⁄2 Day $140; 5½ Days $450

Additional opportunities for Post Graduate Study with KYM Teachers:
June 15 & 16: Post Graduate Weekend with KYM [Sangeetha]. Price on application
November 16 & 17: Post Graduate Weekend with KYM [Nrithya]. Price on application.

Expressions of Interest:
Enquiries: E: Agama Info and Bookings or M: 0439 358 021