Chanting the Yoga Sutra-s.
Learn or revise Chapter 1 with Fiona Hardie.
11-12am AEDT 25 October, 1, 8, 15 November.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras set out the philosophy of yoga. Over 4 chapters, there are 196 sutras or aphorisms  – each around 3 to 20 words – that give us guidance on not just how to practice yoga, but also on what drives our behaviour, how the mind works, the causes of suffering, and how to overcome them. For centuries, and still today, these sutras are studied and discussed to elicit and understand their meaning.
In these classes we will focus on chanting the sutras, rather than studying the sutras. This is the traditional way of learning to chant – learn the pronunciation and notation first, the meaning comes later.
We anticipate these classes will be held online via zoom. This changes the student-to-teacher and student-to-student interaction somewhat, and means classes will be limited to 6 students – given the limitations of the online environment there is more individual chanting than group chanting. Nevertheless the sutras lend themselves to study in this way, as each sutra or aphorism is so concisely constructed.

Bookings: Call Fiona Hardie on 0400 404 384 to reserve a place.

Cost: $90 for the series. A minimum of 4 students (max 6) is required for the series to proceed.

Payment is required in advance.
BSB: 033305 Account: 264294 Account name: “Agama Yoga Centre for Health and Healing”. Reference: your name.