A warming dynamic class, that has periods of stillness to strengthening your body and stabilize your mind. A good class to shift winter heaviness, to bring in the light.

Dynamic Vinyasakrama class uses asana, pranayama and bhavana (visualisation) to ease off and loosen physical, mental and emotional tensions that can build up as a result of our relentlessly busy lives.
Each class strongly connects to some element of the natural world, as nature is one of our greatest teachers. The goal is to bring an active sense of being grounded whilst exploring our connection to the wonderful ecosystem which holds and contains us.

Space is created in the physical body through flowing movement and stimulating asana that work towards building strength for stay poses. The conscious breath is used throughout class, further engaging the mind and generating internal space.

This kind of integrated and nature-inspired effort allows us to bond with a deep sense of stillness and provides stress relief for all layers of our bodies and our minds.

Open to all levels – including beginners.

Investment: Class pass.
Contact: E: Agama Info and Bookings or M: 0439 358 021