Prānāyāma & the Yogasutra-s of Patanjali. Thursday 1pm-3pm. 21st & 28th April and 5th & 12th May 2016

A Post Graduate study for Yoga Teachers

The Yogasutra-s of Patanjali provides the foundation, the definitions and qualities of the eight limbs of yoga. In these four workshops, we’ll be concentrating on prānāyāma.

The fourth part or “limb” in Patanjali’s classical yoga system, prānāyāma is a vast discipline that enables yoga practitioners access to a deeper layer of energy within and through a variety of techniques, to clear agitation from the mind.

In the introductory workshop, some time will be spent on the part that āsana plays as a preparation. All workshops will endeavour to answer the question “Why is prānāyāma regarded as “the most important practice”?” -TKV Desikachar

The workshops will:
– review the yogasutra-s that form the groundwork for prānāyāma
– explore appropriate applications of prānāyāma to reduce suffering
– use prānāyāma as the most effective tool for clearing the mind in preparation for meditation

Investment: $150 for the series of workshops or $40 per workshop.
Bookings are essential: Minimum 5 students required to start the program.
Contact: E: Agama Info and Bookings or M: 0439 358 021