Our “Yoga for Pregnancy” classes are a holistic preparation and support for pregnancy and birth.

• Āgamā established program has been running for over 20 years.

• All classes are kept small and are conducted in a supportive, friendly and relaxed setting.

• Private classes for both pre and post natal are available on request.

Āgamā Mother and Babies Yoga is conducted in a supportive environment with other new Mums.

• Provides therapeutic strengthening for body and mind to recover after pregnancy and childbirth.

• Promotes relaxation in the strained areas of the body.

• Provides a peaceful time with your new baby.

• Mums will perform massage and yoga stretches with their baby.

• Mums will learn to focus their mind by using their breath.

• Private classes are available on request

Āgamā “Yoga for Children” is lots of fun using yoga postures as a base.

• Promotes focus and concentration.

• Challenging using unusual postures (everyone will have their own experience).

• Helpful to move children towards their own calmness.

• Teaches children self awareness and self confidence skills.

• Explores ancient and fun chants.

• Encourages a joyful and peaceful interaction with others.