10:30-11:30am. Wednesday
Now starting in August

How can we energies and nourish our back? How can we integrate our new patterns? How can we connect deeper levels of our central structure, our back in a new way?
Using the different tools of yoga: Asana to work with the body, Pranayama to create awareness how the breath affects our spine, Visualisation to change the way we experience our body and Reflection to take time to integrate our experience and Chanting to connect all deeper levels with each other. This series will energies, connect and nourish new healthy patterns for your back. Each student has to have a private session/ personal practice with Nicole before she/ he starts (unless you were part of series 1).
Teacher: Nicole Seckinger
Nicole is a Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, Cranio Sacral Therapist, Yoga teacher in the tradition of T.Krishnamacharya and Yoga Therapist. She has over 25 years of experience in working as a therapist to support the body in healing itself with the tools needed. She has a keen interest in how the breath and sound can assist in this process.

Cost: Series pass $75 (3 sessions).
Bookings are essential:  Minimum of 5 students required.
Enquiries: E: Agama Info and Bookings Barbara M: 0439 358 021