Autumn Intensive over 5 consecutive early-morning classes.
Monday 4th to Friday 8th April 6.30 to 7.30am.

Autumn is a time of change, of transformation.
Nature reflects these changes; the leaves on the trees begin to brown and fall; the days get shorter, the heat of summer turns to the crispness and freshness of the air in autumn.

Autumn is a time to conserve and store what will sustain us over the winter months.
An opportunity to de-clutter and let go, so there is room for new inspirations to emerge.
We can use this season to reflect on our ideals and values, to make changes to our habits and lifestyle.

The Autumn Intensive over 5 consecutive early mornings will explore how movements of the body, the power of the voice and the focus of the mind can inspire and transform us.

Āsana (physical postures) to open, balance and ground our physical experience.
Chant in āsana provides a stepping-stone to the subtleness of our inner awareness.
Reflection enables the internal transformation to blossom, inviting space for freshness and inspiration to our inner self.

The classes are open to students at all levels of experience, please come join us.

Note: Regular attendees of the early-morning Tuesday classes are encouraged to attend the Intensive over the 5 days, but may attend just on their regular day.

Investment: Autumn Intensive (5 class pass) Standard price of $85 or Early Bird price of $75 Note: Early Bird discount for those who register and pay by 21st March

Bookings are essential:
Contact: E: Agama Info and Bookings M: 0439 358 021 ; or register with any teacher at Agama