9am–5pm. Saturday & Sunday 21 & 22 November.
CEU: Therapeutic Application of the Breath. Sequencing Prānāyāma Practices to restore Balance. An Exploration Through Case Studies.
Each year Āgamā provide the opportunity for Continued Education Units (CEU), this years November event will explore the tool of yoga; Prānāyāma.
The workshop is suitable for all levels from yoga students; yoga teachers; yoga therapists through to people who have an interest in management of the featured case studies from both a yoga and allied health perspective. Come and join us at Āgamā in the exploration.
Investment: ½ Day $65; 1 Day $100; 2 Day $180
Bookings are essential. 
Contact: E: Barbara Brian  M: 0439 358 021


Here’s the detailed Timetable for Āgamā’s CEU event. Over the course of the weekend, each presenter will be showcasing a case study pertinent to the application of Prānāyāma Practices to restore Balance. Āgamā-s presenters include Barbara Brian, Caroline Stuart, Louise Kyle, Michael Keshishian, Meg Turner, Janet Coutts, Louise Godfrey.
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