Thursday 22nd Oct – 19th Nov. 1-3pm
Post Graduate Study for Yoga Teachers who would like to be introduced to course planning methodology in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya.

In this series you will be introduced to the major ‘classifications’ of postures and how they work together in asana practice and to three kinds of course planning.

1. As a sequence for individual postures
2. As a practice made up of individual sequences
3. As a process made up of individual practices over a long period of time

We will explore the need for course planning as well as its methodology. Concepts such as reference points, check postures and areas of priority to reduce risk and ensure that the goal of the practice is well prepared.

The importance of the function of postures in relationship to the spine and the breath will be emphasized rather than the need to achieve the classic form.

Investment: $180 for the series or $40 per class.
Bookings are essential. 
Contact: E: Barbara Brian  M: 0439 358 021