6 week program – 6:30-8pm, Thursdays, 28 April-2 June.

For those who cannot attend in-studio, Denise will provide recordings. For details; please contact Agama.
We invite you to experience a journey that will start in the body going through a specific Intermediate/ Advanced vinyasa supported by Breath. Progressively, allowing the Breath to shine, experiencing Prānāyāma during and at the end of our Āsana practice. By the end of the journey SOUND will take over! Supporting our Body, Breath and Soul! This course is intended for Yoga teachers and serious practitioners

Cost: Fees: $30 for one 1.5hr workshop, $150 for the series of 6. Note: To establish a commitment to the series; after the first class, the remaining 5 must be prepaid.; payment is preferred by bank transfer. The Timetable page has āgamā-s bank details.
Bookings are essential: Minimum of 5 students required.
Enquiries: E: at Agama Info and Bookings Barbara M: 0439 358 021