Autumn Intensive with Jess Wozniak. Tuesday 5th to Friday 8th April, at 6:30-7:30am.

Seasonal yoga intensives are designed to align our body, breath and mind with natural cycles that take place in the world around us. The goal is develop a sense of connectedness to something far greater than us which offers grounding and a lens through which we can become more present. In autumn we start to see leaves change in colour as trees draw remaining energy down into their roots before their dormancy. As the daylight gradually begins to diminish and the temperature starts to drop, we honour and adapt to these changes through our yoga practice. Classes in the autumn intensive will build on one another and feature cleansing twists, balances and gentle forward folds with a focus on extending all parts of the breath. A different element of nature will provide the meditative focus for each class, further allowing us to nourish, ground and align. Classes are suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner. If you have any physical contraindications or possible meditative triggers, please reach out to Jess prior to the beginning of the intensive.

Cost: Class pass or $25 for casual attendance; payment is preferred by bank transfer. The Timetable page has āgamā-s bank details.
Bookings are essential: Minimum of 5 students required.
Enquiries: E: Please register your interest at Agama Info and Bookings Barbara M: 0439 358 021