Tuesdays 6:30-7:45pm, 16, 23, 30 Aug, 6 Sep.

Join Kate Oliver for a series of 4 Mindfulness Meditation classes on Tuesday evenings at Agama, 6.30-7.45pm, beginning Aug 16. In times of stress and uncertainty, a heart-centred mindfulness meditation practice can help us find some steady ground. Rather than postponing our peace of mind for some imagined, calmer time just down the track or around the corner, we can cultivate finding stillness and spaciousness right where we are, one breath at a time. The yoga sutra-s teach that when we are stressed, our minds are agitated, clouded with ‘avidyā’, or misperception. These four classes will explore the way this misperception shows up in our lives, in the form of the four different kleśa-s, or ‘afflictions’- that ultimately lead to our suffering. Moving in close to the kleśa-s, with mindfulness and compassion, we can begin to lessen their hold, and experience more clarity, resilience and freedom from our habituated patterns of emotional reactivity. The sessions will include: – an introduction to mindfulness – simple body movement – seated, standing and walking meditations – body scan – self-compassion practice – an exploration of the senses as a portal for presence.  There will be two meditation ‘sits’ of various lengths (some guided, some silent), as well as room for discussion and feedback.

Feedback from Kate’s previous students:
“I have learnt how to pause, and use my breath to help me in situations…How to not be so tough and judgemental of myself… I would recommend this to anyone for the therapeutic benefit it has had on my mind and my body.”
“I’ve learnt that I can stop and listen to my body and be aware of my reactions. And that 10 mins to stop and breathe makes a big difference to my state of mind – and the rest of my day.”
“I would tell someone that it’s a constructive and powerful use of time – when we mostly think that it’s a luxury we cannot afford. If we are looking for a new way to view the world and be peaceful we can find it within ourselves.”
“I liked finding so much common ground within the group.”
“I’ve learnt to slow down and smell the roses.”

Cost: $28 casual class pass OR per class casually or 4 class pass $95; payment is preferred by bank transfer. The Timetable page has āgamā-s bank details.
Bookings are essential: Minimum of 5 students required.
Enquiries: E: Barbara Barbara M: 0439 358 021

About Kate

Kate Oliver is a writer, singer, meditation teacher, and a yoga teacher in training at Agama. Having navigated a few challenging years of cancer treatment, Kate has found mindfulness to be a powerful and transformative tool. She is passionate about exploring the benefits of mindfulness and heart-centred meditation practices in all aspects of well-being, and is fascinated by the rich interface between contemporary neuroscience and the ancient teachings. Kate has worked with parent and community groups, kids and private clients. Recent projects have involved delivering the keynote presentation for an international virtual conference for cancer surgeons, stomal therapists and nurses on the subject of gratitude. As part of this event she also gave symposium lectures on mindfulness, and post-cancer PTSD. In 2021 Kate ran a weeklong series of mindfulness workshops for Yoga therapy graduates at Agama. Her album Passing Clouds – Mindfulness Songs for Kids (and their Grown-ups) was released in 2019, and has been embraced by families, schools, yoga teachers, therapists and clinicians both here in Australia and around the world.