6:30 – 7:30pm Wednesday.
13, 20, 27 March, 3 April .

What is pranayama?
A simplified explanation is conscious regulation of our breath using patterns and techniques. Patanjali-s Yoga Sutra 11.49 explains “pranayama practice is to cut these disturbed patterns by creating a new breathing pattern where the breath is conscious, long and smooth.”
Why is this useful?
Have you noticed when you’re upset, angry or under pressure how your breath is faster, shallower, and sometimes laboured? Learning some pranayama techniques will allow you to regain equilibrium. Patanjali-s Yoga Sutra 11.53 describes a benefit of pranayama “the mind becomes fit, it develops the ability to focus and maintain focus” With practice, pranayama will provide more clarity in the mind. Over time the relationship between the breath and the mind will be revealed.

This series is open to all. There will be asana to prepare the body. The 4 classes are designed to be done as a series; it is recommended that students attend all 4 consecutive classes.
Enquiries please contact Barbara Brian. Bookings can be made online or with any teacher at Agama.

Cost: 4 class pass $80 or $25 for individual classes.
Bookings are essential:  Minimum of 5 students required.
Enquiries: E: Agama Info and Bookings Barbara M: 0439 358 021