Chandra and Surya Bedhana Pranayama by Tanya Neate

Enjoy this Chandra and Surya Bedhana Pranayama Class.

Strength & Flexibility by Dani Pritchard

Enjoy this Strength & Flexibility class using classic asana postures, modifications are provided.

Meditative Practice with Mantra by Jill Harris

The practice moves the body and breath gently as a preparation for a seated Meditative practice. All focused around the use of mantra.
‘Namo Namah’ is the mantra invoking reverence and offering the fruits our actions to something greater. Enjoy!.

Sitali pranayama by Jess Wozniak

Take 15 minutes to practice with Jess Wozniak, a short asana practice followed by Sitali Pranayama, a calming and soothing practice.

Sraddha chant with gestures - Barbara Brian

Barbara Brian has recorded a short chant using sraddha, enjoy this chant to invoke faith / confidence in yourself.

Strengthen your Lungs with Yoga – Yoga Raksanam

A Yoga Raksanam program to enhance lung power and empower immune system. D.V. Sridhar – Founder & Director Yoga Raksanam.

How to access Agama Yoga Centre live online classes.

This documents provides tips on how to access Agama live online classes.

A home Yoga practice from "The Heart of Yoga"

With respect and gratitude to Barbara’s teacher T.K.V Desikachar, we are publishing two of the practices from his book; “The Heart of Yoga Developing a Personal Practice”. Please work appropriately when doing the practices.

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Healing Vedic Chants by Fiona Hardie

In our tradition we prize personal practice as our main focus, these Vedic Chants below are good to apply in the circumstances we’re currently in.
They are gifted to our students by Fiona Hardie; who is Agama’s Vedic Chant teacher.