A dynamic approach, using co-ordination of breath and movement
An energizing class promoting flexibility & strength
All classifications of postures introduced; forward bends, backbends, lateral bends, twists, extensions, inversions and balances, graded in level of difficulty.

A holistic approach, using āsana, prānāyāma and reflection.
Prior experience in strength and flexibility classes
Two thirds asana-based and one third prānāyāma and reflection.

A meditative practice, where we encourage students to experience their own inner space.
Preparation is through gentle asana to establish a good seated foundation, selected prānāyāma techniques to calm, clear and guide the mind.
These meditative practices will be layered with many inner tools to assist in sustaining focus long enough to experience personal space to ‘be’.

An 8 week course that provides an overview of the basics of yoga practice, either for absolute beginners or those wanting to learn more about yoga principles to enhance or deepen their existing yoga practice.
You will become more familiar with key yoga postures (asana-s), the connection of breath with movement and experience how yoga can improve wellbeing, increase strength and flexibility and bring overall balance to calm your mind.
This course also provides an introduction to prepare you to comfortably attend any of the centre’s regular classes at a time that suits you.

Highly recommended for anyone wishing to go beyond the possibilities offered in larger group classes. Ancient masters tailored practices for their students, by respecting their strengths, honouring their abilities, and addressing their needs.

At another level, students receive personal tuition to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, seeking a better quality of life and the opportunity to excel in what they can do.

A stabilizing approach promoting flexibility and strength where needed.

People who are recovering from injury or trauma seek yoga to assist in the recovery process.

Suitable for all ages, levels and for post-natal students.

Vedic Chant in yoga practice is used as a means to create personal connection.
Vedic Chant Workshops and Intensives are offered periodically in the traditional call and response method, a great opportunity to bring groups of people together who love to chant together as a sanga.

Āgamā explores many source texts through presentations, experiential reflective practices and the sharing of personal experiences and inspirational stories.

These foundational texts written by TKV Desikachar:
• “The Heart of Yoga – Developing a Personal Practice”
•  “What Are We Seeking?”
•  “In Search of Mind”
•  “Health Healing and Beyond”

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