Teacher Training

Prospectus and Application Forms available on request.

Our approach to teacher training celebrates the broad perspective that was gifted to TKV Desikachar by his father T.Krishnamacharya, throughout their 30 year Teacher-Student relationship.
Barbara Brian, a Director of Āgamā Yoga Centre was one of TKV Desikachar long-time students. She continues to offer these unique Teacher Training Courses in the more traditional manner; universally relevant and taught in a very personal way.
Specifically, the focus on mentorship enabling the possibility of personal transformation. Thanks to our teachers who have gone before us we have access to an “ocean” of yoga tools that have proven to reduce human suffering in modern times.

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Are you looking for a comprehensive Teacher Training Course (500hrs)?
– You will learn the basics of course planning in asana, pranayama and how to incorporate many meditative tools within a practice.
– You will also have consistent Mentorship throughout the 2 years of training to become a teacher.
– You will be invited to freely participate in the wide variety of timetabled classes at AYC over the two years.

Please apply via email to Āgamā Yoga Centre for a copy of the prospectus for the Basic Teacher Training (500hrs) 2021 -2023

This course starts in February 2021.

E: Enquires and Bookings M: 0439 358 021

Post Graduate Study

Āgamā Yoga Centre is an accredited trainer of Yoga Teachers and Therapists in the tradition of Krishnamacharya

Āgamā actively encourages Svadhaya, self-study; we encourage our teachers and therapists to attend specialty workshops at Āgamā to deepen and expand the Yoga teachings

Throughout the year Āgamā conduct various workshops, intensives and training courses published in Events

2020 September 6 – 9. Stockholm, Sweden. Sanskrit words to understand yoga. Study, chanting and practices with Frans Moors and Martyn Neal.
2019 November 18-24. Yoga Therapy Training and Nov 17th Nrithya Jagannathan presenting Antaranga Yoga, the inner limbs of Yoga.
2019 June 17-23. Yoga Therapy Training and June 16th Introduction to Ratio and Bandha-s in prānāyāma
2019 March 30-31. The practice of Yoga inspired by the elements
2018 November 11-18. Yoga Therapy Training and The Immune System
2018 June 3-10. Yoga Therapy Training and Prānāyāma, the fourth limb of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga and Refresher for Prānāyāma theory and practice
2017 November. Yoga Therapy Training
2017 November. The Relationship between Ayurveda and Yoga
2017 June. Prevention is better than cure. Yoga therapy at the KYM
2017 June. Yoga Therapy Taster
2016 October. Yoga In Mind October
2016 June. How Yoga assists in reducing Stress and Anxiety
2015 November. Sequencing Prānāyāma Practices to restore Balance.
2015 June. Creating Space for Self Study
2014 December. Evolution of Yoga Practice
2014 June 16-22. Heart of Yoga
2013 November. Find Your Place In the Sun
2013 June. Celebrating the Heart of Yoga

How is the Spirit of Yoga Transmitted? 24 June 2018

Āgamā Yoga Centre director Barbara Brian attended a special event in St Cecile du Vignes, Southern France with many of TKV Desikachar’s long term students. A statement from this gathering follows:

This past weekend, 16 of TKV Desikachar’s long-term students from around the world met and spent time together in the South of France. We reflected on what we have received personally from our teacher through our individual lessons in Chennai over many years. Within this context certain questions arose which we would like to share as an offering. How is the spirit of yoga transmitted? What are the conditions that make this transmission possible? How can all of us support the continuity of this transmission? We will continue to meet and work together to sustain the spirit of TKV Desikachar’s teaching as we have understood it.

– Ste Cécile les Vignes, June 24th 2018 Chase Bossart; Bernard Bouanchaud; Johanna Bouanchaud; Barbara Brian; Malek Daouk; Paul Harvey; Hoda Khoury; Hellfried Krusche; Gill Lloyd; François Lorin; Laurence Maman; Marina Margherita; Frans Moors; Martyn Neal; Simone Tempelhof-Moors; Dolphi Wertenbaker

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