Agama Yoga Centre 4yr Yoga Therapy Course.

2017 - 2021

1000 hours of study.

Course affiliated with KYM and accredited with (AAYT) Australasian Association of Yoga Therapy

8 Modules over 4 years
– 2 Intensives per year – June and Nov.
– 10 study months per year (2 months holiday Dec/Jan).
Will be scheduled within the last 2 Modules of the 4 year course. This falls within the 5 month study period after each Intensive (June & Nov).
There is an option to do your Internship in Chennai by arrangement with KYM or if that isn’t possible or preferred, Internships can be done with the AYC Faculty for the Yoga Therapy Course.

Fees TBA, for further information email us.

2018 November 11-18. Yoga Therapy Training and The Immune System
2018 June 3-10. Yoga Therapy Training and Pranayama, the fourth limb of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga and Refresher for Pranayama theory and practice.
2017 November. Yoga Therapy Training
2017 November. The Relationship between Ayurveda and Yoga
2017 June. Prevention is better than cure. Yoga therapy at the KYM
2017 June. Yoga Therapy Taster

Yoga Therapy explained

Barbara Brian has been a student of yoga for over 35 years and a longstanding student of TKV Desikachar.

She is the Founder and Director of the Āgamā Yoga Centre for Health and Healing. Established in 1989 at our Middle Park location. Over the years our centre has provided group and individual teaching and Yoga training. Since 1993 Āgamā has been providing these services within the tradition of T Krishnamacharya.

Barbara is a consultant in this methodology of adapting yoga tools and techniques to suit individual needs
She teaches private and group therapeutic classes; trains and mentors yoga teachers and therapists; and conducts postgraduate studies.

Private yoga therapy consultations at Āgamā Yoga Centre have evolved from our ‘parent’ Yoga Therapy Centre in Chennai (KYM).
All of Āgamā’s Therapists do Internships in Clinic-like conditions under Consultants at both Āgamā Yoga Centre and KYM in this ancient tradition of one-to-one student-teacher relationship.


How to book a Yoga Therapy session

One-on-one tuition is highly recommended for anyone wishing to go beyond the possibilities offered in group classes. Ancient masters tailored practices for their students, by respecting their strengths, honouring their abilities, and addressing their needs.

This empowers you as students of yoga to develop step by step at your own pace, knowing that you are doing something useful for your overall health everyday.

*Make a booking by email

*Āgamā has many Yoga Therapists available for consultations, Barbara will ensure the appropriate consultant is matched to the yoga therapy client.

Who can benefit from Yoga Therapy

People who are recovering from injury or trauma seek yoga to assist in the recovery process. At another level, students receive one-on-one tuition to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, seeking a better quality of life and the opportunity to excel in what they do.

Barbara offers care, direction and gives healing practices based on knowledge about each person’s unique starting point. Her approach is to provide therapy and practices that over time, gift the yoga practitioner a sense of independence “I CAN do this for myself”.

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